How to cover a tattoo from the sun while rafting?

I just got my first tattoo on Tuesday and I had made plans to go down the river in tubes with my stepmom and her friends. My tattoo is center back right below my neck. I don't plan on fully submerging my body in water so I'm not too concerned with getting it wet. I was wondering if I could cover it with a large bandaid or maybe a tegaderm with some cotton or should I just wear a shirt over my swim suit?


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  • I don't know much about tattoos and how to care for new ones. But I do know that you can't count on not being submerged on a raft trip. You can easily end up in the water. Even if you don't, you'll still likely be so wet that it will be the same thing.

    If you can't be submerged, I'd stay away from rafting. If it's only the sun you are concerned about, wearing a shirt should help. But a shirt will also hold the water and will probably be wet the entire time.

    Maybe a well sealed bandage would work, but I think it's risky if you really need to keep it dry.

    • Yea I'm considering not going. Really sucks though since I never get to do stuff like that but I'll live. But I really don't want to mess up my first tattoo a week after getting it lol

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  • Should have waited to get the tattoo. You'll have to go another time, or risk ruining your new tattoo.

    • Waiting wasn't really an option. It was a family tattoo everyone got the same day since a few family members are moving across the country.


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  • I think wearing a shirt over your swimsuit would be the least inconvenient. Have fun tubing with your stepmom and her friends!

  • Don't go. You should not submerge, expose, or fully cover a tattoo at least 2 weeks after getting it. It needs to breathe, which means light clothing, and you must stay out of the sun.