Is in the UK dying with anticipation to play Pokemon: GO?

Just curious who else can't stop watching videos on it and cannot wait to play the game.


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  • I can't until Christmas when I get a new phone because mine won't run it (it's a Blackberry Classic). My boyfriend got an apk file though so I'm living vicariously through his pokemon go experience :')


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  • If you want to play the game there are other ways xD I couldn't wait so I downloaded the apk file online and now I am successfully disturbing my neighbours at night while looking for pokemon.

    • I want to wait until it's officially released, as there'll be more people playing.

      I'm quite a social person so I just think it'd be hella fun walking around town catching a Pokemon, then I see someone else doing the same and just have a nice conversation.

      I'm always looking for excuses to conversation haha.

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    • Lol thats awesome but just watch out for team Rocket

    • Oh shit. Don't worry I'm a master of disguise. Imma dress like a team Rocket grunt.

  • Wait it isn't officially out yet? Then what the hell do I have?

    • Probably a downloaded APK or iPhone packaged file. It's not officially out in the UK yet, and they haven't given a date as they don't want to release it until they improve their servers. :(

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    • Lol good luck bro. So far I have charmander!

    • Thanks man, nice!