Three kinds of cool people with no emotions?

So i have noticed that there are three different kinds of people who act cool, show no emoitons and stay cool under most situations regardless of how hot that girl/guy is or how angry the situation should make them feel.

1- Financially and socially secured, this person is very attractive and has (Or his/her parents have) the money, so being calm and cool is natural if you have everything you need and you are desired you can relax.

2- Someone who has a lot of capacity for BS, a person who while doesn't let people humilate him and gets back at them is simply naturally cool and clam, it takes something really serious to actually get any kind of emotions out this person, no matter the situation he/she always seem calm.

3- A person who lost something in past, be it breaking up with the love of his life, losing all the money he/she had or losing a loved one, or even anything with a strong impact on their future and character, this person simply doesn't see the need to care or show emotions, sure sometimes it happens but most of the time they're like "fk it i've been through worse no need to get emotional about something silly "

keep in mind sometimes the line between 2 and 3 is blurred and they share lots of similiarities, cause most people who seem so cool and calm and usually dont care or show emoitons have lost something in the past.

what do you think?


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  • Sounds about right. Three, being the one I can associate with the most. I've come to understand that people with money, tend to get touchy when it comes to money, though.


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