Dose this happen to every kid and thare mom?

my mom is on some diet/ weight loss kick again which is fine other than she always makes me do it with her rather i like it or not so her latest thing is something where im going to be forced to drink some kinda nutrition shake and dance and i understand she doesn't want to do it alone but why does it have to be with me?


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  • honestly sounds like the diet is more than likely for you and she just does not want to tell you...

    • believe it or not its not for me if im not here she makes someone else do it if me and my cussins are here she makes my cousins do itto and seth is skinny as it fucking gets

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    • mhmmm good luck scooter

    • ya i guess only 2 years left lol

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  • Many parents do that especially with their favorite/best child.
    It sucks when they do that too.

    • im the only child it fucking sucks

    • O yeah well then your really getting it all too.
      Try holding your nose when you drink it.

    • its not the shake i have a sitch with i don't like to dance its not hard to drink the shake i think it going to tast like a protein shake so that won't bug me

  • Come on have fun with your mom! I know there is a big age difference but you can just enjoy it and look for the bright side you're doing it for your own health. Have fun dancing 😊!

    • i dont dance i dont like to dance it has nothing to do with fun if we wore swimming or roller skating or playing volley ball or something it would be fun

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    • That's Soul 😎👌🏼 Good job

    • ya sure ugh im going to look like a fool but owell

  • Nope it does not

    • not far why do i got the mom that dose this but im noting going to complain saying i dont want to becuss she is trying to stop smoking and drinking

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