Is this an addiction?

Everytime I get in a big fight with someone or get sad about something or just feel a little empty or bored the first thing I think of is getting my hands on something sharp to cut myself with... like I can stop myself if I wanted to but as soon as I feel heartache I have this strong need to cut myself or harm myself in any way really... is that an addiction or am I still okay? Cuz I just don't wanna be hard core addicted my scars are starting to show and it's embarassing especially cuz idek what to say when someone sees it


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  • Self harm is probably a form of a coping addiction. You should talk to someone about it. Do a bit of research on the net for support sites for help and advice, it is up to you whether you act on it. Best of luck, I left an example link if you want to have a look


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  • Yup addiction, you should see a therapist or something

  • Wait what?

  • used to call that "emo", dk if the term still applies

    • LOL I'm not emo... Idek what that means but nah

    • emo is short for emotional

    • Oh I actually didn't know that tbh but thnx😅 I guess I'm a little emo😂

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