I think im falling in love with my manager?

im 9 years older than her and we work together everyday but she is gorgeous, funny and incredibly smart. We also seem to get on really well and mess about (in a non sexual way) when its quiet. I sense the chemistry and if we didn't work together i wouldn't hesitate in asking her out.

I love my job and i look forward to seeing her everyday and we are both single. However I dont want to make things awkward for either of us as we are both comfortable in our jobs.

what should i do?

Although im 9 years older, i changed career and went to uni which meant i had to get a job to pay my uni fees.


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  • Do you ever see her outside of work? Maybe ask her out then? That's a tough call. I personally wouldn't risk it, so many bad things could come from it if she doesn't feel the same. But if you feel you must, try asking her out outside of work if you can.

  • How long do u already work together?

  • Tell her how you feel. she might feels the same