Where can I take my boyfriend for his birthday on Friday night. Really need some ideas?

Whoever can give me a good idea will be my hero for life. I really just can't think of anything, my mind is blank.


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  • Well it depends on where you live and what his personality is like. Some people don't like restaurants but you could take him to a beautiful fancy restaurant at night or something.
    Or he might want something a little more fun... maybe you should've planned a surprise party... it migh be too late I don't know. Or you can go to a beach (again depends on where u live) or an amusement park. You can go to a mall or a place that has many stores in one area and just walk around with him, letting him shop only tho lol.

    It's hard to give ideas bc I don't know you guys or your relationship haha but I hope I helped a little bit at least😁


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  • His favorite restaurant or a restaurant that serves his favorite food.

  • A fancy restaurant


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