Guys, Stares? Meaning?

I have been good friends with my male best friend for 5 years, I have recently caught him staring intensely towards me with an expressionless look upon his face. Occasionally during this look he will hold my gaze when I look around for a few seconds, other times he will nod and turn away, when I turn away he is back to staring at me. Rare occasions he will look at me and turn away quickly. What does this mean?


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  • He's hungry and deciding whether or not to eat you, obvz.

    • Thank you for the reply, must admit I did think that myself but guess was a little scared myself to approach him.

  • he likes/loves you but as a guy we can't do anything about it, the emotionless look is his expression of being powerless, sad, and submission.
    why can't you girls just approach a guy you like? if its so, like your supposed to and expected to.
    not be expecting guys to do everything all the time, because it doesn't work like that.

    • I appreciate the reply, I would be quite direct but due to having such a strong friendship with him I guess I was worried encase it wasn't what I assumed it to be. I do agree more women should approach the guy 1st

    • thanks, im glad you agree.
      and plus girls should tell a guy her feelings and what she wants as well.