Can anyone else not sleep because they're missing someone?

My friend who I'm in love with moved a couple months ago and I've been missing him a lot this weekend randomly and I just started crying tonight because I miss him so much. Anyone else have this problem?


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  • Yes, my gardener. He was a homo who was always trying to kiss me, and I miss punching him in the solar plexus!


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  • Oh , I've had that problem several times when I was younger... It's not pretty !!! Emotional roller coaster that never seems to go away quickly... the only thing really you can do about it is just survive through it. I'm sure he loved you to.. yea !!! Some how you two could figure out how to see each other again. Have you been in touch via Skype , on line , smart phone etc... aww I feel so bad...
    Ps I'm here if you would care to talk... until then see ya.. 😊


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  • yes i do :'(


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