I feel ashamed of my body?

Somehow I compare myself with my elder brother
he has perfect smooth legs a hairless body but I dont I have KP ı have little spots on my arms and legs and they look bad and I'm really hairy why am I like this even though I'm a girl but he is not? he has everything I want


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  • Shouldn't compare to a guy but everyone is different , things change anyway with our bodies later on


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  • He probably hasn't started puberty yet. He's a late bloomer.

    • he is 19 I dont think that anything about being hairless will change after that time ıt's just genetic he is hairless and I'm not

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  • He has perfectly smooth legs and and a hairless body? Does he shave it all? Is he a swimmer or just gay?

    • he just has a hairless body he doesn't do anyrthing about ıt but he is shaving his legs because he is working out and as I know ıt's something he has to otherwise he would never shave his legs

  • And still I think that you're an eight :O

    • 15 but ıt's okay too think the way you want

    • Yeah it's when someone posts like a picture here, it's usually an Eight to me xD
      It's rarely under that number. I'm sure you're an attractive woman

  • a pic would help understanding


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