Girls, Which guy would you choose?

So you're either at a party or a bar and you see two guys. Guy number one is average height, lighter hair color, clean shaven and is wearing a t shirt, shorts and a nice pair of sneakers. Guy number two is tall, dark hair, scruffy facial hair wearing a leather jacket, t shirt, jeans and a rugged pair of boots. Guy number one is talking and hanging out with a group of people. Guy number two is quite and alone observing everyone. Guy number one sees you and smiles then looks away and then keeps looking back and smiling at you. Guy number two is staring straight at you and dosent look away. Which one would you approach and why would you approach that guy over the other one?


What Girls Said 1

  • I think it'd just depend on the first impression. As long as neither seemed creepy or as if they were going to harm me. If that was the case, then I'd look to see if either were drinking, ( I hate alcohol and would more likely approach the one not drinking, or drinking responsibly. ) if you are going off by looks alone, I'd probably approach the dark haired, alone guy. I generally am an introvert and I don't like crowds. I'd probably get a better conversation out of the dark haired male than I would the blond (assuming both had a personality I liked) because of that as well. Judging simply by fashion sense, it'd probably still be the dark haired man ( reason being is that I personally dress similarly like him and I'd assume he'd be less disgusted with the fact I have a lip and industrial piercing. The blond still sounds nice and would be someone I approached, the thing is, he probably wouldn't approach me therefore I'd flock towards the other one.