Why is it so hard for me to sit still I'm always fidgeting why how do I make it stop?


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  • Are you hyper or something? I don't know how you can stop, I've never heard of this before! Maybe you need to occupy yourself with something.

    • What fidgeting it's just one year sitting there and you're bouncing your foot or tapping your fingers on the table spinning a pencil in your fingers a lot of people do when they're nervous but I do it while they're I'm nervous or not so basically if I'm not doing something to occupy myself I'm sitting there tapping my fingers or bouncing my knee tapping my foot

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  • I've got the same problem if I knew how to stop it I'd tell you

  • Cut caffeine.

    • I tried that I went 2 months without having any caffeine at all didn't even phase me I still sat there and and fidget

    • Then I don't know.

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