What is it like at a rugby game?

I'm taking a creative writing class and have to write a story about a rugby game. However, I don't know anything about the game, atmosphere, or fans, so can anyone tell me what the crowd at a big game is usually like? Like the Challenge Cup's last game. Is the crowd rowdy? How much do people drink? Do tey drink at all? Is there booing? Any information at all is much appreciated! Even if you don't have answers for those but have interesting experiences from a game that'd be great.


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  • depends where you're at. atmosphere is energetic people shouting sometimes people drink a shit tonne

  • The scrum is great, especially when I watch the college girls rugby team.


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  • You should write about the rugby world cup, that way there are plenty of articles that would probably have some things about the crowds reactions. I've only ever been to one game and I left early because a drunk guy who was up and arcross the isle from me was being crude. But I think as this was just a national rugby league game people here at least don't take it as seriously as international rugby union. I didn't watch the rugby world cup final last year , but I did watch it the previous time, all I can say is that it's intense even when you don't really know what's going on (obviously you get a fair idea) my heart was filled with joy, and I was so proud when the whistle blew and all of the team just ran out to the field, the crouds roared you can see every single one of those people were smiling like there's no tomorrow. I think the group photo with the cup is my favourite photo of the all blacks.