The second night at the museum movie?

In this move the main code to the ancient Egypt portal was pi to many digits but ancient Egypt did not have algabra and could only use fractions to them pi was 22/7 but in the movie 8 or 9 digits of the proper pi are used that were not discovered untell 1630 ad anyway did this ruin the movie for anyone else?


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  • It's Hollywood, hate to break it to you but they cut corners.

    • That's not cutting corners that's sloppy research on the screen writers part

    • They. Don't. Care. To them it makes them money so they don't care. And most people don't obsess over a movie enough to research how much of it is true. There are tons of movies that aren't accurate.

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  • Yeah, I know, I even know the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, having taken a class in 'Hummanities'!! They knew math, that was useful, like volumes, calculating wages, and dimensions, and fractions, all written on this ancient papyrus.
    Knowing that, I didn't detract, IN ANY WAY, from the movie, because Amy Adams was there, as Amelia Earhart, in those tight, bottom-hugging riding pants!! She made the movie!! Not some BS math issue...


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  • Nope, didn't ruin anything for me.


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