Girls, why would you phone up a guy friend to tell him that you are thinking of getting something for yourself, like jewlery out of the blue?

A female friend of mine phoned me to tell me she wanted to get one of those tooth gems. Other than wanting to get opinion from one friend, is there any reason for just calling to say that?


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  • She wanted to see what you thought of getting such an item from a guy friend that'll tell her the truth.


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  • Maybe she wanted you to either encourage her or talk her out of it?

  • Probably to talk her out of it.

    Most women who make phone calls to their male friends/partners are calling to have them talked out of the purchase.😆

    • Oh there was no talking her out if it lol, she was practically sold on it when she saw it. It isn't permanent, i guess it's just glued on or something then falls off and hopefully she doesn't swallow it

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