What is the weirdest nightmare you've had so far?

I once had a nightmare where I was lying face up, shirtless and paralyzed on a steel table. I couldn't even move my fingers. Three attractive women walked in and placed a centipede on my stomach and it crawled into my navel while they laughed, I woke up afterwards. My dreams and nightmares never make sense, they are always random. I think I had that nightmare because I watched the Matrix.


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  • Dreams involving death, dogs, and clowns are never fun for me. I had a series of nightmares where my mother and sister died. Woke in a full blown panic attack.


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  • I remember that as a kid I used to have nightmares that would generally go about the same way - typically some zombies or whatever would follow me while I run away from them backwards. That means I was looking at them as I ran, and somehow I always ended up running in to space where a a ring of king-sized safe beds were orbiting around Earth. Once I got on the bed, I had to hold on to it because it would start shake in order to throw me off. But luckily it had protective shields that didn't allow the zombies to get to me. That and there used to be fat, mustached Arab genies that fought the zombies off for me while I stayed on the bed, watching down on Earth.


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