Is it true that when exes agree to be "friends" they're more likely to end up as acquaintances?


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  • Depends on if they can emotionally set the relationship times aside while still maintaining their feelings of appreciation for each other. So not necassarrily but if he or she has a new girl or guy than probably yes since the new SO won't like you to be intensely in touch with your ex :o :o


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  • Usually when exes agree to be friends, it is either the dump-ee's ploy to ease the breakup process, or the dump-er's attempt to spare the dump-ee's feeliings.

    Once they are both over each other, they either become distant acquaintances, or stop talking altogether.


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  • Or less really. I don't see a point in remaining in contact with an ex because I don't see how you can go back to thinking of them in a platonic way and that you were never lovers. I'm not friends with my ex, but i'm not rude to him either however I have to remain in contact with him for other reasons.