Why do I have trouble respecting people?

Like if I can be bitchy to someone and get away with it, I will.

I don't know why I'm like that, I just am.

I noticed I'm always like this when it comes to something related to studies. Like if I'm doing really well I can't just be nice to someone who isn't.

But pull me away from school and I'm little miss sunshine who is good to everyone.


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  • i was really hotheaded as a teenager but I think the military and my experiences sort of set me in place. I usually have a mutual respect for people in real life. People usually like to start shit with me because I'm so outspoken though.

    • I think nobody has put you in your place yet. There is always someone tougher than you.

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    • Yeah insecure guys do that. Secure guys make a girl feel pretty and feminine but do it without being a bitch about it.

    • No I meant, would a guy try to put you in your place if he felt you kinda looked down on him or didn't respect him? Even if he liked/respected you?

      Most guys are pretty nice/polite to me regardless of my attitude towards them. It surprised me that my crush who is likely aware I was playing with his feelings a little, would try to actually put me in my place.

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  • Because you think you're the best?

    • I know I'm not.

      And sometimes I try it with people I know are better than me and then later feel awful.

      I pretty much just do it on anyone I can get away with doing it with.

    • You like fucking with people? I don't know


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  • i would say its okay. given how much people have blocked me here in the past i must be a bitch too.

  • Probably because nobody's put you in check yet.

    • Yeah.

      That and also, I have other things going on for me. Like I'm rich. So it's easy to boss someone around when you know they have a complex about their lack of wealth.

      I feel bad now. How immature was I

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    • Yeah, I think rich kids live in this sort of unfulfilling parochial prison, the environment isn't exactly worldly. Get out there and do more stuff and approach it with an open mind, meet new people and try to take them as they are, don't let them know you've got money because then you'll probably be an outsider. Treat the world like a taster menu or something. lol

    • How are rich kids more naive? I'm not rich even remotely, but... Lots of people our age are naive about tons of things. Or hell plenty of older ones too. Why would rich kids be really that different? I agree their demeanors can be really different and softish, but still.

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  • Because no one has actually stood up to you and put you in check.