Is using UBER worth it?

Like do you think these people who pick you up might be psycho? Are the people vetted in any way or is it no different than using a regular taxi?


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    More the passengers fault but yeah...

    • lol yeah, I couldn't decide who was more annoying, him or her, they would make a great married couple actually.

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    • See, that's what's got me concerned. A cab company would fire his ass since it's their reputation. Not sure if UBER would do anything similar.

    • Uber probrally wouldn't

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  • "Look at all the biggest companies in the world, they are all based on the internet. Look at what they are selling: nothing. Facebook has no product. Airbnb, the biggest hotel chain in the world, has no hotels. Uber, the biggest taxi company in the world, has no taxis whatsoever."
    - Peter Sunde, cofounder of Pirate Bay

    Uber are planning on taking over the world. All infrastructure. Pretty soon there aren't gonna be taxis, there aren't gonna be busses, there aren't gonna be trains. Just digital mediation of human resources. The conversion of all human beings into commodities to sell to other human beings. We are consuming each other. We are cannibalizing each other. And we are paying them to let us do it. It's becoming automatic. Constant. Uninterrupted. Perfect. Flow. Human product. Uber. Uber. Uber. Simple Human. Uber. Uber.

  • I use it, or Lyft sometimes. Never had a bad experience. The drivers are usually friendly, and some even give you a water bottle or let you charge your phone. I like that they all use GPS too - some cab drivers without it take you on a ride if they think you're not familiar with the area.

  • It depends where you're using it, it doesn't always save you money but my uber drivers were usually very friendly, unlike the basically ever grumpy taxi driver, and even offered me snacks like chocolates or water, that was pretty cool. I also definitely saved a little fortune when I used it in China because regular taxi drivers there unfortunately really love to rip you off if you don't speak Chinese or aren't a local.

  • Used one 3 times.

    Twice when drinking was involved. Verrry worth it.

    Once when I had 1 car and it was being fixed. Didn't have any other choice.

    ^^ Day to day? Nah.

  • I like it better than a regular taxi


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  • there is little vetting that goes on. i mean they do background checks and make sure licenses are clean but that's it... same for taxi drivers

    the benefits... no cabbies trying to up-charge or driving circuitous routes to inflate rates.

  • No it's not worth it