If you could change anything about yourself would I do it?

Just curious to know how many people would I know I would change some things

I meant to say would u do it lol


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  • Well, I was born with a severe visual disability, which slowly makes me become blind. I'm now blind on my left eye and I don't have a lot of vision left on my right eye (and I'm very worried it might get worse). So that's of course something I wish I could change. I don't even need to have 100% eyesight on both eyes... I would already be very, very happy if I had maybe 30-40% on both eyes (I currently have about 10% on the one eye where I still see something). My condition is incurable with current medicine and it's very unlikely it will be curable within my lifetime but yeah... that's something I wish I could change.

    Apart from this, I would also love to be about 10 kg (20 lbs) lighter. I'm not fat but I used to be very skinny as a teenager and now I'm kinda of a big guy. But compared to the first thing, this is of course just stupid peanuts ;-).


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  • Sure. It'll only have to be one thing, and that's being able to be completely cold and uncaring the moment I no longer want anything to do with someone I used to fancy.
    Sometimes I hate being the nice, kind guy.

  • Extremely long curly hair, too expensive to maintain at the barbers lol, wish i was born bald

  • Wait wut