please my b-day is gonna be on Aug 22 I don't know where to go im turning 17?

I don't know i like video games go karts airsoft movies


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  • Why not go to one of those places that offers go carts, video games or movies? Invite a bunch of friends, heck even call the places up first. Find out how much it costs to have a bday party. A lot of places will host a party and have a cake and pizza or some other type of food there for you if you call ahead. It might cost a bit of money, but even 10 bucks per person isn't too bad.

    Everyone can chip in and it will be a good time :)

  • Why do anything crazy? Just chill with some friends


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  • At 17 I went to a resort in Miami beach the fountainbleau hotel

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    • Thats cool I don't know what im gonna do cuz im broke and my mom said is like middle class not even

    • Try to figure out your budget and do the best fun thing you can do with it. Birthdays are very important its the one day we can honor ourselves, its our holiday.