Does you know if your major crush likes you? Does he?

This is too test who's crushes like them.

  • Yes, he even told me
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  • Yes, by the way he acts and the texts that he sends me, I just know
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  • My friends think so but I just say maybe
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  • Um...
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  • Probably not, he doesn't act very romantic towards me
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  • He doesn't like me
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  • He HATES me!!! 😫😫😫😫😫
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just so you know, um means dunno


Most Helpful Girl

  • My crush once told me he liked me, but then he dated someone else (and broke up soon after), so I don't know if he still does. The other day we were texting, and he suddenly said, "I'm taking you to lunch next year." He said it in a total of 6 texts, which I think is a sign of being nervous. He didn't use to do that.

    He flirts and talks to a lot of girls though, so I don't know... Asking me to lunch is a big deal, because we've never hung out before. He'd get anxious and call it off every time I tried. It wasn't even a question. It was a "we're hanging out." Not, "do you want to hang out?" I don't know what to think.


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  • I can't really tell and it is making me feel somewhat upset. And I hate feeling upset so I am planning to stop talking to him.

    • I recommend flirting a bit more and speaking to him more. It will make you feel worse not talking to him. If you get desperate, maybe tell him you 'like hanging out with him."