Sterilization and Anti-Natalism, what do you think about them?

Specifically for people and humans I mean.

-Sterilization is any of a number of medical techniques that intentionally leave a person unable to reproduce. It is a method of birth control. Would this not be much better compared to unwanted conceived people that had become aborted?

-Antinatalism or anti-natalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth or claims that one should not reproduce. See the wikipedia link provided if you want further explanations before telling me what you think of it.

I really think that there is a large number of unhappy, bitter people that are brought into this world who would really have thought that if only their parents had never met or at least if only they really had been more considerate (such as if their relationship and marriage was terrible in the beginning and was bound to fail and fall apart or is completely dysfunctional) and only had split before conceiving them, then they would not have to go through and face the harsh reality and the world that they are in now. Or even have to suffer and go through the emptiness that they feel.

I think that each time people make a well-informed decision to become sterilized (or celibate) after realizing and became aware that all life comes with pain, suffering, and death, then they had prevented unhappiness and harm, suffering, and death that somebody they had created otherwise must have to face and go through.

In other words, they had chose to grant mercy and spare someone all of the unhappiness and troubles that a person would have to go through and face, since they had realized that this reality and world really is an absurd place that is a "No-Win Situation" or "Lose-Lose Situation" no matter what they or anyone do. Therefore would you not think it would actually be more generous of them rather than selfish?


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  • simply don't have sex.

    • Yeah that's realistic. Even priests can't uphold that part of the sacrement

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    • well than I must be a holy spirt because I don't have a need for sex...

    • @apple24

      But do you still feel any kind of sexual desires or urges? Do you still feel attracted to somebody that will cause you to desire them in that way? If you don't or had never then you're lucky. I think that's what they define as asexual or something, although I heard they are more emotionally attracted instead of physically attracted, but it's different for different people on they feel attraction and desires.

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  • Mate, you're up for a lot of flame and hate but you have balls for asking this.

    My thoughts?
    Sterilization - Not for me! Sure it the most effective birth control today but it ought to come with side effects. I am not willing to get a vasectomy because it will alter my health and will influence my sex-health too, to be more precise, reduced pleasure from having sex/masturbating. It is also a not reversible operation, so there's no going back if I am stuck with reduced sex pleasure. Besides ejaculating sperm is also beneficial for my health, storing them forever in the body doesn't do any good I think.

    Antinatalism - That's where I stand. I see, that we are overpopulated and we are dealing with overpopulation problems such as unemployment, lack of education, materials, healthcare - all in one word: poverty. And that's where I am right now.

    This reality is a bitch! It only uses us up until we are all used up and discarded without backup. Here, where I am there is no welfare. I'm a survivor.

    • Because I rather speak my mind and not give a flying fuck about what others think otherwise, and I'm not bringing it up not because everyone should consider and follow anti-natalism just so they all can fun and be carefree and be completely hedonistic by not having any kids, as that's not the point. It's more so about the whole really deep thinking process about life, existence, meaning, and purpose, and how nobody asked, wanted or demanded to be brought into existence in the very first place.

      That and more specifically on how that there really is NO JUSTICE in our world, just a fucked up reality in which is a system where it's Survival Of The Fittest, where the rich, the powerful, the most vicious and corrupt runs this world and takes advantage of all those below them. And if you aren't part of them in any way you're pretty much fucked and at the very bottom. The law is pretty much always on the side of those kinds of people that runs this world.

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    • But if people have luck and are able to find each other and become childfree couples or whatever that's also good for them, each to their own. I've heard that couples that are childless by choice are overall more happier than those that are but it could be all made up or biased research or that the results are only for the current state of our fucked up world.

      Some advice from those that are experienced in figuring out that part for any chronic single people with second thoughts, I see no real problems with that. Besides, I always think that divorces and splits between partners that did not have kids together are ALWAYS still better than the divorces that HAVE children involved since they pay the ultimate price for their "parents" failures, and failed marriage. Both parties can always start over from scratch and have fresh start without any additional baggage.

    • Absolutely!
      MGTOW - if we take it with generalizations with or without the extremists - tends to be discriminating people in form of gender. Male? Lucky you, you're in! Female? GTFO B*tch!
      Rationality with common sense do not work that way.

      Yes, marriage today is complete bullshit. I have met only very very few women agreeing, that marriage is bullshit. A few others could see the point why men do not get married and they said, that they are not to blame for it since it's our protective instincts.

      I can not see any point in getting married either. Why should a piece of signed paper prove "true" love with the state approving of it? True love does NOT require such proof! People miss the whole point in relationships and marriage.

      Buuut it's none of my stinking business. Let them have it. It's naturally, that if love isn't stable that both parties will part with signed papers or not. It's not like the papers will guarantee an eternal bondage because it's 100% irrelevant.

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  • I support those who get sterilised. I wish more people did for their own reasons.

  • pls sterilize me


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  • I fundamentally disagree with your pessimistic and somewhat bitter view of the world. I believe this world is wonderful (with some caveats, that is) and life is what you make of it. If you think positively and you enjoy your life, it can be great fun. I also believe that having children is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Hardly anything else gives a human life the same amount of purpose and hardly anything else makes a human being so mature as becoming a father or mother.
    You see, there are many people out there who can have a child just like that. It takes them nothing but a bit of sex and that's it. Some of these people probably shouldn't have children because they end up being bad parents. My girlfriend and I on the other hand desperately wish to have children and I believe we will both be awesome and very loving parents but for us it is much, much harder. Because of medical issues, having children for us is connected with a lot of financial costs, as well as emotional and physical exhaustion. And yet, we want to go through this trouble because we love each other to death and we both wish to have one or two children that we can love with all of our heart. The idea of living a childless life saddens me immensely. I wouldn't know what to live for anymore. Make career and suck my boss' dick? What for. Earn lots of money and spend it on some kind of stupid, ego-enhancing bullshit (expensive car, Armani suits and rolex watches)? What for. Go to parties when I'm 45, desperately pretending to be 21 and making a complete idiot of myself? What for. And once I'm old and bitter, I will not have any sweet grandchildren on my lap, I won't be able to take them on vacation like my grandma did with me, I won't be able to go make a BBQ with them in the forest or go swimming in a lake together or buy them cool gifts for Christmas. All I will have is myself and my pretentious materialism and the ticking of the wall clock in my room and nobody will give a fuck about me anymore. No thanks. That's not the life I want to live.

    • My point isn't even in regards to materialism. I already know materialism is only temporary, BUT SO IS LIFE, or rather I refer to it as a bio-organic existence. My point was more so that no one had ever asked, demanded, or wanted to come to this reality and world in the very first place. That this reality and world is filled with cruelty and injustice and more or less all of this was caused and created by humans and people in the first place. So what happens when and if one day your child became really unhappy and depressed when they realize that this world and reality isn't the happy, nice and comfortable place that they originally had thought it was? Or worse hurt themselves or others?

      In your case, it seems that you've found "love", and your girlfriend loves you for you and same as you to her, so that's all fine there with your current relationship. As long as you all keep working together and stand by each other when rough and hard times come around as they'll be unexpected.

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    • Well, all I can really say to this is that I don't think of our mortality as something bad. In fact, as an atheist, I believe that the very fact that our existence is only temporary on this planet gives my life so much more value. My very mortality makes every day immensely precious. And every day I wake up, I get the chance to do something better than the last day and make my life happier.

      As for your bad/unhappy experiences, I'm very sorry you've had to go through them but I do sincerely believe that it is also a matter of how you look at things. I'll give you an example: I have been born with a very rare, severe and incurable visual disability. I am almost blind and I am slowly becoming completely blind and current medicine can't do anything about it. So when you just take this on its own, I have been dealt a pretty shitty hand. But here's the thing: I've never let this circumstance bring me down. Even as a child I already understood that I can still have a lot of positive

    • influence on my life. For example I understood that it's extremely important for me to study hard and be good at school because blind people have it harder to find a good job. So that's a goal I set myself early on. But I also understood that by thinking positively, by not giving up hope, by cherishing the small things in life, by appreciating the things I CAN do and see, rather than bemoaning the things I can't do, I can make a HUGE difference for myself and my social environment. My girlfriend told me once that one of the major reasons she fell in love with me was because she was so impressed by how well I handle my disability. It made me appear very hot and cool to her.

      On the other hand, I've gotten to know other disabled people who sit at home all day long, complaining and crying about how mean, unfair and miserable the world is, wallowing in self-pity. I have a disability and I know it's not a piece of cake but I understand that one's mindset makes a tremendous difference.

  • I agree partially, the world is most definitely a cruel harsh place and isn't meant for everyone. Theirs gonna be lies, deception, greed, and hell everywhere. Not one day will go by where you're not facing some kind of obstacle that's hurting you to your soul. But thanks to my parents and their wisdom they did well in guiding me and helping me fight these obstacles. So even though many times I've been stuck at the bottom of the pit regretting everything and being angry with the world I still am able to get up and fight it head on.

    I dunno, it just varies immensely on each child's abilities to think and experiences with their parents. Some are babied throughout their whole life while some are working and walking 5 miles to school and home everyday. It just varies so much I can't put a solid opinion on it. All I can say is that despite knowing all of this hell I will continue to have children with my future wife because I'm confident in my abilities to guide them and be able to be there when times are incredibly tough. My mentality though, fight. Survive. Do what you can and where you can til sweet death takes you and brings you to your final resting place where you can now sleep peacefully.

    As for your last question though, I do think their generous for thinking of their children in the future. Even more so if they know that they themselves cannot raise a child currently.

  • I can understand what you're trying to say. But shouldn't we try to be better, more responsible parents, instead of not having kids at all?

    I was fortunate to have parents who raised me in the best possible way. I want to have kids at some point (finding a relationship is a much bigger challenge for me), and raise them to be responsible and sensible humans.

    • That's the most important part, finding the right person you want to be with to begin with, as long as you haven't given up yet. But that's as long as you still have the desire to become a parent.

      But when there are doubts about a marriage I would always think a prenup should be the first thing considered and then plan accordingly and not rush how you would have a family with children and plan how to give them a positive environment, and that could take some time, possibly the first 5-8 years of the marriage, as I think it would much more likely to become a total disaster without any kind of plan. Any other doubts you would have about your partner in the beginning of the marriage and if there if things really turned out to be worse than you had expected within the first 5-6 years or so and you try to make it work then it would be better to split and divorce than become "parents" prior to, as in overwhelming evidence before your eyes that it just isn't working out despite everything

    • that you both had done and tried to make it work.

  • I've got Mental disorders that can be passed on genetically, I'll get married, and fall in love one day but the fact is that I'm not the right person to bring a new soul into this world.
    I've decided to get a vasectomy before my first time.

    • That's a perfect example of being of being responsible and considerate, because you had already been aware that there would be potentially huge problems that could be passed onto offspring and thus they would suffer and pay the price for it had you just gone ahead and just bring them into existence without any second thoughts or considerations. However, you could always adopt, or unless if you wouldn't mind a lady that already has a kid or two, that is if you really want to have kids around you for whatever reason.

  • man reread what you just said because its pathetic unhappiness and harm, suffering, and death are just normal parts of life. without unhappiness there is no happiness and without suffering there is no feeling of satisfaction, without death there is no life.

    if the first stars that were created from hydrogen only to live for a couple seconds we would never have the elements the universe exists from today so we would not have life. without the suffering of a mother there would not be a child thus no life. without unhappiness there is no happiness. if you work out in the gym and you dont suffer you will never achieve anything. millions of years of evolution have made it so that we can stand through abuse. our ancestors suffered thousands of times more for us to stand where we are now, me must continue our species at any cost.

    • What guarantee is there that we would exist and last forever even as a species?

      I mean look at the way we humans are. It's terrible. We're terribly divided no matter what. No matter, what we'll always going to be destroying and fighting each other over just about anything and everything and as well as our destroying our ecosystem. Not to mention how "justice" is only an illusion. the rich, the powerful, the corrupt are the ones that really have the advantage in this world since they're the ones that run it.

      It's just that I think for anyone that realize that since fairness don't really exist and if you don't want to put someone through all the unfairness they'd have to go through then they really shouldn't, and sterilization should be considered, or otherwise self-imposed celibacy. Because no one had ever asked and/or choose to come into existence here in the first place.

      But if you want to have kids of you're own, then no one would be able to stop or convince you otherwise.

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    • I just can't ever agree on bringing someone here once I realize this reality and world for how it is, and what it really is.

      I'm on the self-imposed celibacy route though, instead of the sterilization route.

      On many occasions, I had considered going down the path of why the hell not just be a total hedonist and lead a totally hedonistic lifestyle and just party, drink as much as possible, and getting a vasectomy first so then I could always sleep around as much as possible and never have to worry about any unwanted pregnancies, but then I realize that kind of hedonistic lifestyle isn't wholly what I wanted either.

    • im not a hedonist, i just love to live and i want to make children so they can experience it too. we live approximately 80 years, thats not even a split second in the story of the universe, our existence on this planet does not even contain a single page. lets just live our lives because soon its all over.

  • I think those should be candidates for the next darwin award because it would make them and the others happy