What would you do if your bully apologizes after you put them in their place?

It can be either verbally or you literally beating them into submission. Then the next day or so, the bully not only apologizes but is ever since nice to you. Would you forgive them?

My male cousin beat the heck out of this HS bully bigger and heavier than him in front of his friends. It took others to really get him off the bully who was by then bloodied.

Ironically the buly looked for him to apologize the next day with his beaten face and started befriending my cousin. I heard they've been good friends for the longest now (it's been 7 years later since HS) and the guy doesn't carry any resentment for my cousin.

I mean my cousin really beat him pretty badly that day in front of the friends. I'm still surprised in how can someone befriend the person that beat you into submission?


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  • you would be surprised how often that happens, once you show the bully that you are not going to take it, they rather be your friend than enemy.

    • True but damn, if I ever got into a fight with another girl (and I lost), I don't think I would be interested in being friends with her. But that's just me.

    • that is a difference between guys and girls. guys will fight it out and move on. girls fight and hold grudges


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  • Forgive and forget.. Happy dayzz ahead

  • Depends how far they hurt me lol.

  • That's how I met most of my friends, by beating each other up. Back in the day kids weren't such poosies

  • That's how we guys make friends. I kick his ass like debo would. Then he becomes my bro.

    • Yeah I'm impressed. I once got into a verbal argument (almost got physical) with a Queen Bee type during my sophomore year of HS. She never started BS again but we never became friends either.
      If I were to get into a fight with another girl and lost in such an embarrassing way, I wouldn't be all happy in becoming her friend.

    • We are a simple gender

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