How do you know if u stink or have a scent?

So I've been feeling very paranoid & self concious every time people come around me at work. I always think people think I stink when they touch their nose around me , when they make certain facial expression etc. I always think my co workers are saying I stink behind my back all though no one has ever directly told me to my face. people always want to be around me to which makes me feel even more paranoid & self conscious cuz I'm always wondering if they think I stink or not. How can I tell if I do or not?


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  • Easiest way to ask someone, whom you trust, to sniff you :)
    For example, my relatives doesn't notice smell of garlic after they eat it. And I'm not talking about smell from mouth, but it comes as body odor. This odor comes out from body during ~3 days.
    Sometimes I can smell this garlic odor from other people in subway or other public places.
    So it is better to ask several people/relatives, whom you trust.


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  • Smell yourself? Do you smell bad? Hah. If it's that worrisome, keep a small thing of perfume with you to spray on yourself when you get to work or something.


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  • Every human or animal has a scent

  • If you smell like worn clothes or closet things, you stink.


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