Girls, would you let an ex or one night stand in the delivery room?

just wondering really would you let and ex or one night stand into the room for the birth or would you even tell them you were in labor or in the case of the one night stand would you tell them you were pregnant
and as i extra question would let them go to any appointments like ultrasounds or put them on the birth certificate or pick out names together and give the baby their surname

thank you for answering my question


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  • Well if it's their kid they have every right to be as involved in the process as they want.

    • yes i mean if the baby was theirs would you let them even if they were a one night stand or an ex you did not want to see

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    • My point exactly. The father would deserve to see the ultrasounds, hear the heart beat, and see the kid born.

    • but i know some women do not think like that sadly

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  • If it was theirs yes. If not, absolutely not, I will happily watch my boyfriend punch them out the room.

    • lol i like that answer but i mean if the baby was theirs lol

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    • Yes. A child's birth is a bonding moment for both parents to the child. You shouldn't deny it. And imagine you were the kid. Always imagine you were the kid.

    • i agree 100%

  • Is this ex or one night stand the father? If they are the father and want to be involved I'd let them. If they aren't the father they have no reason to be involved and go to drs or in the delivery room

    • yes they are the father but say you had an bad break up would you still let them

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    • Yes they don't have to be right in my crotch and if they wanted to be present for the birth of their child I would let them

    • awww i agree 100%