Do you believe in any Eastern medicine that can't be explained by Western science?

Like yoga and mediation? Anything else?


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  • I think "believe" is a rather strong word. I'm a naturalist through and through, so I find anything that is even slightly esoteric (such as homeopathy) ridiculous. However, having said that, I do think that certain eastern healing methods can be very helpful. In fact, they've even been adopted into the catalogue of my country's health insurance a few years ago after we voted that we want that in a national referendum. I also believe that there may very well be a naturalist explanation for these eastern healing methods even if we don't know it today.

    My little sister had extremely bad migraines for years. It became so bad that she couldn't focus on school anymore. My parents tried a hundred different doctors and a hundred different drugs and nothing worked. In the end, it was Chinese medicine that completely cured her of her migraines.

    • What Chinese medicine exactly? Was it tea?

    • No, no tea. I don't know the whole thing she went through but part of it was acupuncture. Acupuncture also helped my dad on a different occasion. I think I wanna try it for fun some time. I heard it can also just be really relaxing, even if you're not sick. I also wanna try the fire cup therapy...

  • I believe the power of the brain is immense. I'm not sure about curing physical illness, but it sure can cure mental, emotional and psychological problems.

    An example: A lady goes from being fine to believing she's fat, when in reality, she's skinny. Her brain has done that. With the right channeling, it can be reversed. Similarly, an insecure person can be trained to be the other way. To be happy and content.