Can't stop scratching?

I have eczema and it itches so bad sometimes. I try so hard not to scratch it but it's like I can't control myself, I have to scratch it. I don't know how to NOT scratch. Please guys, if you have any advice at all let me know. Because the more I scratch the worse it gets :( it's killing me


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  • eczema is a form of dermatitis, so a skin inflammation. i start getting a bit of it last year.

    - make sure you moisturize is the primary thing, as these inflammations tend to come from lack of oil in your skin
    - when you shower or bathe do not scrub with a wash cloth the affected area and if possible don't use soap as it strips oils as it cleans... also bathing in cooler temps helps as hotter warm strips the skin of oils
    - this is a somewhat home remedy but i read that probiotics could help. probiotics are in foods like yogurt and you can also buy the pills as supplements. I started taking one a day, after about 4 months i realized my dermatitis wasn't flaring up. i ran out of my supply and about 2 weeks later i started itching again. so if you can afford the pills (you can find them online, amazon and what not) you may want to try that

    OR you can go to a doctor who will most likely prescribe a steroidal balm that usually kicks eczema's butt


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  • Moisturize.
    Every time you want to scratch put cream on.
    If you have to scratch scratch around it not directly on it.
    If you haven't yet go to a doctor.
    If you keep scratching cover it.


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  • Have you put any Eczema Ointments on it?

    Perhape also putting an anti-itching cream like Cortizone 10 or Lanacane.

    If you have tried those, and still have problems, then I think it's time to see a doctor.

  • I have prescription lidocaine gel I use when over the counter stuff doesn't work. Have you seen a doctor about it?


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  • Call whichever doctor is treating you for it and ask what them what to do.