Has anyone ever met their favorite band/singer? If so, how? How did it go?

I am a HUGE Sia fan. I've been begging my parents to go see her concert in October during her Nostalgic For The Present Tour. She only makes one stop in Pennsylvania and it's in Philadelphia! (I live in Philadelphia) This is a huge deal for me because her music means so much to me. I know a ton of her songs all the way back from her 2007 album Lady Croissant up to her latest album This Is Acting. This is gonna sound really cliche but her music really helped me get through a really rough patch in my life. It would be amazing if I had the chance to meet her and have a conversation even if only for a few seconds but I doubt that would ever happen. A girl can dream tho right?


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  • Yes many times at events and in places i happened to be.
    just out and about.

    it was ok they're no different to us we are all human that have good and bad days,

    • I know they're just people, but it would be nice to get a chance to meet them.

    • don't get me wrong it was nice meeting them and still is and just chilling etc.

  • I'm not a fanboy, i love music but i don't fantasize of meating those playing/singing the songs i like


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  • No, I never have.