Do you find that nothing works out for you? Even if you know how to do something, there's always something that goes wrong?

I am not a defeatest, but I feel like I am becoming one. I just made 3 things that should be working, but they don't. I know how to make them and have been successful at least twice before, but now that I do everything on my own, such as buy the materials from a manufacturer rather than some 'specialty' store nothing works. That's just one example.

I don't get i why dosnt anything work for me? Relationships, I've never had one or been on a date, friendships are always in the air, no success in getting work after school, internship, and qualifications,

I don't understand how one person can be such a failure at so many things

Is anybody else's life like this?


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  • Yep. I've had more than my share of times like that


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  • You must bring yourself into accordance with your surroundings.

    I realize this probably doesn't make a whole lotta sense at first but if you really really think about it, that's probably what's going on.

    • It does make sense, it is like conforming to the status quo, and I have always lived on both sides of that. Trying to get in or just be able to pretend to do normal things, but it never works.


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  • Character , personality , and attitude creates your surroundings and environment around you.