Should I go back working here?

I was working at a pizza parlor for some time but I am going to Europe for two weeks in less than a month. I notified my employer and they fired me because they want someone who will stick around. However they offered me my job back after I get back from Europe. The problem is that I am going to New Orleans for a week around Christmas time.

My mom already bought my plane tickets and a bunch of other stuff like tours and the hotel suite. Which is all non-refundable. I am going on this trip because my mom paid for this stuff and I don't want it to go to waste and I can't give it to someone else because it's all in my name. Which I have no idea why my work gets so bent out of shape over people leaving for some time.

My employer said he wants someone who will stick around and I feel like I am lying to them if I do go back and when winter rolls around, I tell them I am going to New Orleans. My dad said I should wait until two weeks before we leave for New Orleans and then tell them I am leaving. But they get super bent out of shape about that and I don't want to burn any bridges.

My county library said they're hiring in a month and they want me to apply. Maybe the county library will be more lenient about people leaving for some time? But should I take the job back again when I get back from Europe?


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  • Go to the library,
    Its better than a pizza place.
    Besides, do they even have good pizza in Nevada,
    Keep in mind I live in a state with an EXTREMELY high level of Italian Americans and am one myself so I can throw stones here

    • It's actually a pizza chain, (round table) and I have tried real italian pizza and real pizza is amazing. Round table's pizza doesn't hold a candle to it.

      You are not the only one who calls out corporations who think their food is good. I am Dutch and I hate all pre-packaged cheese companies. Cheese is a can is an abomination.

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  • That is ridiculous. People plan vacations all the time. They can't seriously expect you to not take time off ever. I mean, if you really need the job, I'd take it once you get back, but the library sounds like a better fit for you if you can get the job. Based on another question of yours, it sounds like you have a good chance of being hired there, too.


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  • Nah they fired you already that would make me mad

    • I was upset because that's what the assistant supervisor told me. But then my boss's boss told me they just wanted me to take the time off. Now they want me back because the person who replaced me is an emotional wreck.

    • Make sure its not going on your record being officially fired. I went to Europe your going to have a blast

  • The library is totally more you.

  • So you didn't take my advice? I'll say it again, the library is better for you.

    • I don't know if I can really complain because a job is a job. But then I realized how much I hate it there. Plus I am going on this trip I can't refund the plane tickets. I will apply for the library.

    • Okay.. just make sure you do it this time.

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  • Those are signs that job just isn't meant for you. Apply to the library don't stress about.