Please please please please help me! I can't lose any weight?

I recently moved from India to usa now its been almost 3 months iv gained 7 pound and i can't seem to drop the weight, my scale doesn't even move. I mean i used to Be so skinny and i liked it. I do count my calories but not sure anymore... and im on my period aswell... my scale only moves up...


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  • what did you eat when skinny. what do you eat now? you count callouts.. how much do you eat in a day? how much do you weigh? what are you trying to get down to? how much do you exercise?

    • I weight 115.6 lbs currently but before i was 109 lbs and my hieght is 5'1 but my frame is very broad so i look very chunky... i Just ate a lot of Junk food like pop tarts and cereals and pancakes... but i used to lose weight easly but not now... back at India i would Just eat indian food which would mostly ne whole grain of chicken...

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    • you too :)

      well food can be yummy but, i guess you decide what you care more about, being fit or eating yummy food ;)

    • Thank you again ❤


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  • You have to move back to India, it's the only way.


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  • That sucks indeed, maybe watch what you eat i. e. chocolate etc