Why are some people motivated to amass wealth while others are not?

And why do some save money while others immediately spend everything they have?


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  • some people"seize the day" and others think about tough times


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  • The richest think about money 24/7

    You have to be born with the desire and that savage hunt for that dirty hard cash. Otherwise you'll just be whatever you are

    • I wonder if that's healthy or not?

    • Eventually it just becomes a game. Once you're in the billions, it becomes a peoples game. You can basically buy the same stuff once you hit billions. A $300 burger is the same to a 2 billionaire person vs a 20 billionaire person. Even mega yachts, one of most expensive items you can buy cap off around 250 million or so.

      Probably not healthy but once you're at that thresholds, billions. Life changes brah. Items cost pennies. Its living like a king

      Millionaires go broken. Almost never a billionaire though

    • A person making a million per year would live the same life as a person making billions.

      In fact, as long as you have food, a house in a safe place, a car that drives, and a few other things, that's all you need. You could do that on $50,000/year or less.

      After that, what's important is your health, free time, and enjoyment of life.


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  • Many spenders are short sighted while the savers have foresight

    • But you can't take it with you, so why save it?

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    • does it really matter? That's the difference between people with determination versus people with no ambition."The odds are against me fuck it..." Besides saving is only one part of amassing wealth. It's getting money working for you through interest is where you gain the most. If the amount of money, you saved up can generate you that $50,000 a year in income, then you have reached the "fuck off" level. This is where you can tell a boss to fuck off because you don't have to work.

    • I'm at the fuck off level anyway.

  • Because that's human nature, I don't get motivated by money, but when I get it I save it.

  • Just different ideas