Why do strangers do this?

So just now i came back from this metal event I went to with some friends. I was enjoying the good music and suddenly I feel something rubbing against my butt cheeks. I think in myself, no worries its just a person that bumped into you. But then I keep feeling it. And I look behind me and there's this girl standing there. There was enough space for her to stand so I don't get why she was standing so close to me. I didn't say anything but I took a small step forward and then I feel her doing it again! I look behind me and she came closer again. It was not like a quick touch she kept touching me for a couple minutes. You are probably gonna ask why I dint speak up, well I don't know why I didn't. Why do people do this? Why do they touch you like that?

I honestly don't know what to think about this.


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  • probably she didnn't know how to take the first step so she became a weirdo instead. But it's not ok to randomly touch strangers without their consent. Speak up next time!


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