Teenagers, What makes you emotional?

I find myself being more emotional lately. I know it's cliche to be "triggered", but it's true. I get triggered by something and I become immensely depressed. Who else becomes emotion when they see the slightest thing that reminds them of something? Tell me what makes you emotionally vulnerable. For me it's anything involving relationships. I'm not really someone who fits into relationships so it makes me emotional to hear someone talk about it directly to me.


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  • Not being enough or not being what I want to be for myself/other people/guys

    • I understand that way too much right now thank you for sharing.

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  • At 14, this may sound weird, but talking about baptism made me want to cry. Growing up, I wasn't too sure of whether I believed strongly in Christianity or not. I felt confused and wasn't positive. I had times where I was passionate and others where I was questioning even the existence of God. So the mention of baptism, a defining moment of choosing to live a new life and follow Jesus, scared me and made me cry because I wasn't sure.

    • I would freak out during communion. I didn't like sharing my feelings openly. It was weird to have people I didn't know try and connect with me like that.

    • That's pretty agreeable. :)

  • My mom trying out new parenting methods on me 😒 Like please stick with your original way.

    • My mom always compares me to her and my sister. She thinks we are the same, but we couldn't be more different. I know your struggle.

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