How can I talk to my old manager about coming back?

I worked at PetSmart for a while, and it turned out to be my first job. I absolutely loved it. Graduation was around the corner, and I decided to put my two week notice in.. I thought I had everything planned out for college! BUT HONESTLY.. I didn't. I'm confused about what I want to do. Plans fell through, and I tried to find another job.. Now I'm working at Steak N Shake. I just ended my second day, and I absolutely hate it. My first day wasn't bad, but my second was very... very... bad.
I found out retail is for me, and NOT FAST FOOD. I love Steak N Shake as it is, but I miss being a cashier and smiling to people and being so friendly. In Drive Through, I'm having trouble hearing people in audio and I can't focus on them.. I thought about serving, but then again.. It's dealing with food. I like handling money, and I miss everything at PetSmart. I ended up talking to my co-worker that works at PetSmart. She told me that I can talk to one of the managers at PetSmart.

I ended up leaving PetSmart on a very good note. I helped my managers with a lot of things, and I've dealt with customer issues.. I thought about going to PetSmart first and getting that job back.. THEN.. quitting at Steak N Shake..

Do you think that I will get my job back?

I'm really nervous about talking to my old manager about this. :(

Any advice honestly..

Thank you. :)


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  • Since you left on a very good note, I would say to back and talk to your old manager! I don't think it would hurt at all. Managers like people who are good communicators. Going back to discuss it I think would be a plus.

  • If there's an opening he'd more than likely be glad you contacted him, it's more work on his end to look for another person to hire. If there aren't any positions available then we'll, he just can't help you out here.

  • Just have a sit down and just do it


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