How do I tell my dentist she sucks and I don't her to be my dentist anymore?

She always uses darker fillings than the tooth's color, and some of her fillings fall every 2 weeks (it's the 4th time I go there to fill a front tooth that got scrapped off, and even when it's filled, the filling has a brownish color because of poor color choice).

I want to change dentists within the same office, but every time I go there or every time I call, she's the one that picks up the phone/schedules me, always nice and smiling. And even if I get serious and ask her why the fillings keep falling, that I'm tired of coming by every 2 weeks, she never ever recommends I see somebody else. She says it's the tooth's fault, and that tomorrow will be the day we will get it fixed.

And (especially because she's so nice) I don't have the guts to tell her "No. Screw you. I want somebody else to treat me", so I end up agreeing, and I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow's afternoon.

But I don't want to go. I don't want her anywhere near my mouth. I don't trust her at all, she will most likely just mess up for the 5th freaking time.

How do I get away from this situation? It's sickening me.


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  • Go to a different dentist office.

    Or if you know a name of another dentist within the office, request to speak to them to schedule your appointment.

    Fillings aren't exactly cheap... she has to understand you wanting to explore your options since they keep falling out when she does them.


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  • Just go to another dentist office. There has to be other ones in your town.

    If not, then you have to put your foot down and stop being nice. Just politely ask her if someone else can look at your teeth. I know it sucks to hurt people's feelings, but you can't be Mr. Nice Guy all the time. Put your foot down and let her know. This is your health you're talking about here.


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  • Can't you just go to a different dentist's office? Google or Yelp the ones near you, call, and ask if they're taking new patients.

    No need to be rude to your current dentist, but stop going to her and find another one.


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  • Time to grow a set!

  • just go to a new dentist

  • Just go to another dentist. When her secretary calls you because you didn't show up to your meeting, tell them that you found a new dentist.

    • A lot of offices charge for no show, so this is a terrible idea.

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    • No, I have insurance. It's a policy regardless of if you have insurance or not because you're wasting their time where they could be making money.

      Insurance isn't going to pay because you decided you didn't want to go.

      Insurance pays for procedures you actually get done.

    • @teawrecks Oh that's interesting.. I have had to pay for missed appointments :D

  • hahahha maan you are sooo funny hahahah xD
    just tell her that "i want another dentist to see"