Should I be concern of this weirdo?

Earlier today in my house I minding my own business when I notice a guy who works for my apartment management can up to my window and try to look into my apartment. It making me paranoid because of the fact if the management sent him to talk they should had at lease use my front door not the backyard door. So this makes me thing he doing something else that not job related how concern should I be about this weirdo coming and trying to look into my house without my permission?



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  • Could be spying to see if there is valuable stuff to steal. To see if you're alone for his possible crime (ok I'm going pretty far). Yeah suspicious and intrusive. Don't be scared too much but keep all doors closed, have a look on your stuff and don't let fear ruin your life. Talk with your family about it. It's probably nothing but if it starts bothering you it's important you express your emotions to them and rule out what to do. Once again be careful but stay relaxed.


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  • Yes. Always be wary of people, especially those who are doing creep-tastic things like that.

    • I know and I am really creep out and worry because I never seen this guy before and who the fuck are you to come and try to look into my house without my consent.


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  • You don't know, he may have had a legitimate reason he had to be in your back yard. Wiring, plumbing? I'd just write a message describing the. Incident and send it to the apartment management for now

    • No he was staring in my window he put his hands and face on my window he was looking it I saw him do it.

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    • If I was in my house why would I be sunbathing? and no I was just on couch on the computer. Plus he couldn't see if but I can tell he was trying to look in.

    • Yes, that seems strang, he had no excuse for looking in the Windows like that.
      As I said, write or call the building management. They will call him on the carpet for this, for sure, and he won't bother you again.

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