Do you guys think this doesn't mean anything?

Last week i was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me later I was staring at the wall & when i look over & i saw her looking at me & smiling while she have her hands on their chin


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  • maybe it is time to Stop "Staring" and find the nerve to walk on over to her and Begin a New Beguine Of... Talking to her, and Getting to know her. It seems she Likes you.
    Perhaps she May be as Well, I can Tell, be Having a Few "Day Dreams" of her Own as She Sit.
    Good luck. x

    • But don't you think when I was staring into space she was laughing at me or no

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    • @saud1998 good morning, bro. xxoo

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  • Maybe you should go talk to her. She might be intrested in you. Thats why she is staring at you lol.


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  • Maybe she was smiling just to be nice. Maybe she was smiling because she wants to talk to you and is too nervous or shy to approach. I can't tell you much past that.

    • Lol but do you think she was laughing at me while I was staring into space

    • That is entirely possible as well.

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  • She probably likes you

    • But I don't know The other day my friend & I were walking to class & I saw the girl I like there & I was looking her but then I just looked away. But then later we pass by again at the hallway & i turn around to look at her but she hide behind her friend. Then later when she came to class I was looking at her & she caught me looking so I just looked away. Then when she went over to talk to her teacher & I was looking at her but she was looking straight ahead & then I stopped looking. Then later when i turn around I saw her at the back of the class & she was looking at me but then later she left class early?

    • Man talk right now. Just ask her out. I'd say its pretty clear that she likes you and if not then what's the harm?