Game! Do u like me?

Ask do u like me and thumbs up or down if you like that person! And for me, like the question lol

3mo If you like someone, tell them y too :)
3mo God damn I actually got more than expected (1 like πŸ˜‚)


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    The average user on this site is exactly half my age, so, what does it mean if you DO like me? ahahahha

    • 3mo

      As in a nice person to talk to, kind, etc :)

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    • 9d

      @redeyemindtricks I love you for your mind. If we reincarnate, I'll find you. Scout's honor!

    • 9d

      @sp33d hahah... "I love you for your mind" is one of the things I like to tell my husband while I'm reaching into his clothes, grabbing and groping what's mine (... mine mine mine MINE), and pretty clearly communicating that he'd better keep more than just his mind sharp. <3

      In fact, a surprisingly large percentage of our "flirting" is based on telling each other just how much I'm a worthless slut and just how much he's nothing but a hot body. #fuckyeahmarriedlife

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  • I actually haven't been on GAG much lately so a lotta people probably don't recognize me, but I'll ask anyway. I haven't done one of these questions in awhile.

    "Do you like me?"


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