I feel violated of what just happened? Could you blame me?

I was walking my dog and there there was this dark colored skin (Don't want to make anyone offended) standing with his buddy out in the parking lot and kept looking at me and he started asking stuff... like "What is your name?" I shouldn't have given my name. But he's probably gonna forget because it's an uncommon name "Why you look so mean?" And I said this is my natural look. I just don't want to make it seem like racist or anything"That's a cute puppy" Then this other guy asked "Are you ready for school" I ignored and walk away because I felt unsafe. I didn't know what I was thinking. Pretty soon he was probably gonna question about what school I go to. I'm scared. Because we all know what the world is turning into. After all that happened I was thinking of the last time I helped someone and and my aunt shouted my name and said "You never know what they're capable of. They could have a gun with them."


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  • I think you have issues. From what you described you're making yourself seem like a victim for a guy merely talking to you. Christ... if you're that paranoid of people you might as well never leave the house.


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  • I mean it's good to be careful, but I don't think these men violated you, i feel like some men just like to make women feel uncomfortable on the street and that's what they did, they made you feel uncomfortable.
    You could just let them know by saying "i feel uncomfortable talking to strangers"

    • I talked because I didn't want to be rude by ignoring them. Eventually I forced myself to ignore myself. Saying that sounds pretty rude. Maybe i'm sensitive as I got it from my mother.