Is it fair that people act this way and expect for you to be ok with it? Double standards?

Why do some people think it's ok to act however they want (rude, ignore you, short word replies) when they are mad? But when they get over being mad and you are now the one acting that way... They feel the need to apologize and try to get you to stop acting that way? Is it fair that I forgive my boyfriend every single time he does this? I'm kinda over his whole little pouting bullshit. He was unhappy about something earlier , he wouldn't lay by me, and was being very short with me! He even fell asleep on me while watching a movie. Then when he wakes up he wants to be all chipper and now he's in my face asking me what he can do to make things better but I have my resting bitch face on and I'm just being short with him!! I'm just sick of it. Is it fair? What should I do?


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  • It is a double standard and, you're right, it isn't fair, but when is life ever fair, especially when it comes to relationships between the sexes. What you are feeling is no more real or important than what he was feeling, and you have a right to feel as you do. Some people just don't 'down-shift' their emotions as quickly as others. What you should do is let him know that you need more time and you need space so you can calm down yourself and get to the more chipper emotional state that he seems to be in now after his nap on top of you. Basically he's blown his top and now is rested and wanting your attention, but you aren't ready to be that 'intimate' with him yet and he needs to give you the space and time you need to get to the same emotional state. And he should respect your need in this regard.

    • Agreed. But he thinks I should just automatically be happy. Like its a quick fix

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    • Yeah I've noticed , my ex was 38 and acted the same way ! It's sad

    • It is sad; agreed. We may be in modern times, but humanity hasn't caught up with the technology. Rather, mentally, many are still stuck in their infancy. I always expect that each of us can do better. We should be better.

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  • Well he fall asleep on you aww so sweet 💛💛💜💗

    • Lol no he fell asleep at the end of the bed. Away from me and during the movie

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    • Lol we live together 😭

    • Well just live outside until you find another place to call your home

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  • Maybe grow up and learn how to communicate effectively? Look, I'm just throwing random answers out there, dont mind me.

  • That suck, I've been there. I know it's not fair but the thing is, if you don't give up he will keep doing it and it won't solve anything. I think it's better if you just accept his apologies and move on, less headache, you know? But if this is a pattern, then you have to sit and talk to him, try to figure out a way to stop this

  • Yeah its bullshit it pisses me off

    • I also don't like it when a girl says she hates it when guys ghost her but when then she goes out and ghosts guys

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