Is BLM a terrorist organization?

They torched Milwaukee last night. they torched furgesoun they looted Baltimore. they shot five cops in Dallas and two in New York. they shot up a car full of old women.

  • yes they are violent thugs.
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  • no they are peacful people who just like shooting things and burning buildings.
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  • nuh uh cuz muh feels.
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  • i din du nufin
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  • I understand being distraught about police brutality but being brutal yourself solves nothing and makes you worse than the police (considering the magnitude of what BLM did)


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  • Anonymous , rehashing old questions. Does it happen?

    • no they took the first one down so i reposted. fuck these stupid moderators. just because their feels get hurt doesn't mean i broke the rules.


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  • Trump is building neo nazi groups that is the real issue

    • trump isn't building anything. he's never said anything racist. BLM is causing this racial divide.

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    • he hired people immediately on the spot to take care of people disrupting his rally. he also never said he would take away rights from people.

    • "Trump is building neo nazi groups that is the real issue"

      Source, please.

What Guys Said 7

  • it's quite obvious the police are the terrorist organization-thus the need for BLM. you can't argue with data or a near perfect record of acquittals.

    • you mean all those justified killings?

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    • sure they did. go watch the kelly thomas video and there's thousands more just like that. your bad. are you insane? are you a simp to the state? You must be.

    • or eric garner, clear case of murder. what kind of idiot hasn't noticed this shit yet? seriously, got IQ?

  • They were rioting in Milwaukee (and Ferguson too), for a thug... that answers your question.

    • are the riots still actively going on? Im moving right now and my tv is gone.

    • No, they've stopped.

  • The even celebrated the death of a black cop after the Baton Rouge shooting. Just shows they don't actually care about black lives at all. It's turned into a group of thugs now.

    • it always was a group of thugs.

    • Yeah. I guess I just didn't realise at first.

  • Not quite yet, perhaps a disorganized one at best. I think they're well on their way though.

    • If the KKK was never labeled a terrorist organization its no way a reasonable person could even consider BLM

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    • No evidence they had anything to do with the dallas shooting. As far as shooting old ladies sounds like BS. As in a myth that never happened. Def no evidence BLM did it

    • @cjmtherfcker BLM as an organisation have never taken responsibility for any crime as far as I know. But when you walk through the streets chanting about wanting dead cops and other extreme stuff, then you shouldn't be surprised that a guy took it upon himself, went and shot a bunch of cops. I say a "disorganized one at best" because they seem to break out in riot more than most groups. It's not intentional, probably, but it's dangerous and it's fueled by a cause. Even if we can never call them true terrorists and the organisation *as a whole* is never tied to terrorist/criminal activity, their violent rhetoric will only lead to inspiring more violent crime. In real world terms this could even mean an extremist group splinter off from BLM later down the line. I don't think they're there yet and I'm not inclined to call them terrorists, but these are my concerns moving forward. Even if they never get any worse from now on, I still don't approve of all the shit that comes from them.

  • your an idiot there is no evidence BLM shot anybody

    • there is plenty of evidence. they even started attacking white people for being white last night.

    • That's not evidence they shot anybody. You probably don't even have any evidence of the that.

    • there is plenty of evidence a simple google search will answer your questions.

  • If thats the case, Are the US police and US government a terrorist too? I one month alone, US killed about 70 civilians abroad.

  • Then are the police terrorist too?

    • no because its been shown that police only kill 1/10000 people that they arrest.