Do you think traveling and holidays are... stupid?

i don't know man, maybe it's because i don't have the need or the money or the people to travel the world with, and the fact that I spent 8 years away from home studying in the UK ( I am not American) so I have done all the get-away-from-home experience that need to be done in a life time and the only place I really want to be is, at home, forever. I don't have much desire to go anywhere really, much less if your reason for going abroad is so you can post it onto instagram.

And the few times that I have been on holidays, they have always been extremely underwhelming. I just don't see the joy of "seeing the world", I mean, you can experience all the spectrum of highs and lows of life in one city if you dare to go there, or you can have traveled the world and not felt a damn thing.


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  • Well, maybe it's just that you don't like the idea of travelling. Maybe it has to do with your experiences.
    I don't think that travelling is stupid. I feel like it's one of the best experiences someone can I have. There's so much to see and to explore.
    It's a way of knowing other people, different people and sometimes to know yourself.
    People become more tolerant and more open-minded when they travel.
    I can't wait for the day I will be able to travel. I'm jealous of people who have been in other countries.
    I'm tired of being here.


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  • I don't i think its an eye opener, it makes you realise how truly lucky i am to be born in a western country. Literally all my problems become insignificant.


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  • growing up in the military, i've grown to have a distaste for travel. it's made me realize i trully don't belong anywhere.


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  • No i dont thin so