How do I stop biting my nails?

I've doing this for many years, is a really bad habit :/, what would you recommend me to stop it for good? Most times when I try and promise I won't do it anymore, I end up forgetting about it :(


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  • My advice: Go to a salon have have your nails done. Get fingernail tips which are generally longer than what you would normally where and since they're fake they won't actually be your own nails your damaging. No. I'm not saying bite the fake nails over the real ones. My point being, I've experienced that in general when a female has her nails done professionally they are less likely to bite them. And even if you do the longer and fake nails won't give you the same oral stimulation and gratification as biting your real nails and psychologically it will help you stop biting them all together in the end.

    • thank you! I'm definitely trying that :)

    • You're most welcome. Reach out to me anytime if you have a question.

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  • Been there and Done that here, dear.
    I Recall and All when I was Age 9 and 10, that I Constantly was always 'Biting my nails' which I could Not... Stop.
    However, with age, and Meeting guys, I just Sort of Stopped one day. I even Began a Beguine of Filing my Nails and Buying pretty Nail polishes to Impress Everyone under the Sun.
    Try Beginning your own 'Beguine' of Going to a Manicurist where they can Give you a Lovely Manicure and Address your Nails where When you leave their own Shop, you may then want To... Stop.
    Good luck and Try it. xx

    • Thank you for the Like, hun. xx

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    • Hahaha💗 Thank YOU!! I will 😆

    • lol So welcome, and Now.. Let those fingers do your Talking on here, dear. xxoo


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  • soak them in lemon juice or pick your ears with them lmfao ear wax is so bitter

  • Spend money getting your nails done. Then you won't want to ruin them

  • Keep your nails painted 24/7. You won't bite them bc you won't want to eat the nail polish. It works for me.