Have you ever been touch by suicide?

If you want you can share your experiences, if you can easily talk about suicide, how it is viewed in your society and/or religion, what/who helped you etc..

I dont want to trigger anyone with this question, and if you do feel triggered Im sorry and you should not look at this poll more or look at the comments.

  • I tried to kill myself
  • Someone that I know (someone that is close) kill himself
  • I have/had suicidal thoughts
  • I never thought about suicide and it never touches me or the people close to me
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Do you think suicide is selfish and why?


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  • I tried to kill myself,
    I think that those who have taken their own lives are finally in a place of peace, love, and happiness


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  • Since I've reached a point to where im no longer effected by my old triggers, i'll share.
    I grew up dealing with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts for a rather large part of my life (for reasons i won't go into detail over). A while back, I took at least 3 or 4 sleeping pills, and drank enough alcohol that it should've stopped my heart or gave me alcohol poisoning at the very least. Now that I look back at it, I thank God it didn't take me out of here.

    • Thank you for sharing your story.
      At that moment did you find it hard to talk about it? Who/what helped you being better?

    • It was difficult to talk about for a while, but I opened up to my bestfriend about what I had been going through and she has been my support throughout. It also took a lot of prayer and time with God for me to finally come around to the place I am now.

    • Thank you thats really interesting. Im happy you feel better now.


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  • My oldest brother hung himself years ago. I was only 3 years old so I don't remember him. I do remember that day with the ambulance on the driveway. It was one of my first memories.
    I had a lot of grief due to bullying in my freshmen year of high school back in the early eighties, but after that year things got better and I've had no problem with depression since then.
    My family never mentions my brother. I don't think it's because of shame. I think we just don't want to bring up sad subjects or dredge up the past.
    As a bible-believing Christian, I know that whether someone goes to heaven or hell is determined by whether they put their faith in Jesus the Messiah. Since I don't know if my brother knew Jesus I don't know if I will see him again in heaven.

  • I have had those kind of thoughts before but I have never attempted and haven't been close to anyone who has actually done it.

  • Yes, i have had suicidal tendencies before. I once cut myself so deeply I could see bone. I have been suffering from PTSD, depression and alcoholism for a long time and a few years ago it all kind of exploded.

    I'm doing much better now, and seem to be over the worst of it.

    there needs to be more support for people suffering with mental health problems because it can be more debilitating than a lot of physical issues.

    • First thank you for sharing.
      Then Im glad you are better. I also think there needs to be more support and people need to talk more about it. I can agree more with you.

  • yes, I've had my reasons, but im never brave enough to do it, plus i have a wife and she pulls me back out of it.
    i hope your not thinking of doing that.

    • No Im not, I had and I tried but now Im better. Also my uncle killed himself.
      So this subject is something that interest me and touches me, I think its good to talk about it because its often a taboo. I think that by sharing thoughts and maybe advices, people that are maybe not feeling good or facing suicide might receive help.

    • i really never understand why a girl would even think of killing herself, because girls are soo beautiful and they are soo loved.
      i can understand guys wanting to because were unloved, but anyways sorry about your uncle, and some people can't ever receive help even if they asked for it.

    • I think everyone has its own reason, men or women, young or old.
      Thank you

  • I fairly certain my father's death in a car wreck was just a suicide in disguise.

  • Naa, I'm so ugly even suicide wouldn't want to touch me.

  • My cousin committed suicide a couple of years ago.

  • Having suicidal thoughts is normal (to a very small degree) that being said, yes, I think most people have at least had a suicidal thought before.
    by the way your trigger warning triggered me. I demand an apology.

  • I never thought about suicide and it never touches me or the people close to me

  • To be honest.

    Looking back.

    Anyone else in my situation would have committed suicide. No doubt there.

    Never crossed my mind though. I'm mentally quite tough.

    Obviously would have been a stupid decision.

  • My cusions kid offed herself


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  • Personally, no. I think suicide is unacceptable, selfish, and far from okay with the exception of very few cases like 9/11 when people had to choose whether to burn alive to death or take the control of their fate out of the hands of terrorists.

    • This is the kind of things that someone who doesn't understand what a suicidal person is going through will say

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    • okay, I just thought it necessary to say, as I am one of the kinds of people you will end up seeing and after I told my parents they actually did both judge me and make this about everyone but me.
      I mean I was the one who was in such despair and emotional pain for so long that I tried to die not once but twice.

    • @Waffles731 That's definitely not the right response when you were being vulnerable with them and sharing really private, personal matters of the heart. :/

  • I've had suicidal thoughts all my life and tried to kill myself a few times. Obviously they didn't work lol. No one found out about the first time but the other ones ended up in hospitalization.

    I don't think suicide is a good thing and I understand why others want to "save" those who try to kill themselves but at the same time I wish that didn't happen. If someone wants to die, let them die.

    • And no, I don't think it's selfish. What's selfish is to insult a suicidal person... To call them cowards, selfish, idiots, whatever people say. It's my life and I'm the one who should decide what happens to me, not someone who barely knows me.

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    • Thanks. Have you tried?

    • Yes 3 times

  • I don't feel comfortable sharing

    • I completely understand, and you really dont have to.
      Saying that you are not comfortable talking about it is already a good thing I think. Its never easy to talk and even more about sucide.

  • sometimes I have suicidal once in a while

    • and can you talk about it with someone?

    • ya I do I talked to my therapist once about it