Why do some of us don't like look our mothers at all?

As a toddler all the way till I was in 3rd grade, I used to be told ''you could have been your father's fraternal twin sister'' or ''you're him in the female version''. As the years went by, I started looking like an aunt and a couple other female relatives in appearances but still look nothing like my mother.

Honestly, though I get along well with him it used to somewhat bothered me. In my mind, I thought that since I'm a girl then I'm suppose resemble my mother more. She's my mother but if I acquired 50% of her genes, why don't I look like her (not even in shoes and hand sizes, hair color, eyes, nothing)?


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  • Well it's much more complicated than that. There are dominant genes and recessive genes. Your mother's genes must have been more recessive than your fathers hence why you don't look like her as much. And even then, some of the genes your parents have are dormant and were simply passed down through the generations. This creates the possibility of a child possessing totally different characteristics than those of their parents.


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  • It all depends on who had the most dominate genes. Obviously it was your father.

    • Yeah and it used sometimes annoyed me whenever our baby and early childhood pictures looked similar. Not so long ago when two of my mother's new friends saw the old pictures for the first time, they asked her if he had a sister.

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  • Genetics are random, you don't really have to look like either parent, you can look like a grandparent

    • True. I guess maybe my future child might end up resembling my mother.

    • Basically this @Asker. I look like I could be a female version of my father but I got my mother's skin tone

  • Fun fact: the first few years a child looks like the father so the father recognizes the child as his and doesn't kill it. Afterwards, you may start looking like someone else.