Should I visit the cat that I recently re-home?

The person who took her says the cat is hiding and than attacking her. The cat has a history the cat is doing the same thing to her as she did to me 3yrs ago. I'm going to school and can't take her with me. I think if I visit her and the cat before I go to school it could jeopardize any progress she makes with the cat in the mean time. My coworker is the new owner and said I can visit whenever I want. I just don't know if it's a good idea. Since the cat is having a hard time adjusting already I think my being there will slow the process or make it harder.


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  • cats are not wild animals, so they need someone they trust in order to calm down, and if they don't adjust with their new owners very well because they're avoiding them then you need to build a foundation for them to interact with one another

    try going to your co-workers house and petting the cat, wait until it calms down and then ask your friend to prepare some tasty food for it (not kibble, fish like sardine), when it starts eating have your friend pet it gently across its body while its eating to let it know of your friends presence, allow her to slowly pet it towards its head and behind its ears until it starts feeling relaxed around your friend, a good sign that the relationship is established is if the cat decides to lick your friends finger or rub itself around your friend :p

    i used to have a couple of cats at home before so i'm pretty used to them, they can be very distrusting of new people so this is what i do to get them to like each other, i own a Husky now so its a lot easier to do this tactic since Siberian Husky's tend to be very friendly with everyone they're not shy towards :)

  • Maybe you going and visiting the cat will show her that this new person can be more trusted if you know her.

  • I think you should visit and when you are there try to make the cat loler the new owner. Cats get really scared when they change environment. Try to play with him as you used to do maybe with the same toys. Also try to tick it with food to feel more comfortable.