Hiii m frm india m fat what should I do now pls read done and tell me?

Hiii m tanaya frm India m fat. my face is photogenic people like my face i m only13 and my weight is 56kg I like a guys he is two years elder to mee he is shifting next week I told him that I like him last week he looks at me but he has not given any reply he is very good looking I think he has a crush on a girl in his school so can u helpme that what should I do should I ask his reply becoz he never talks to me and before also he would not talk so much to me so m damn confused pls anyone help me


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  • if he doesn't reply to you then let him go. im sure you can find a lot of better guys than him


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  • Hi Tanaya, If he doesn't want to talk to you- let him go. You already told him that you liked him and that is a courageous move, kudos to that. As for you, if you are conscious about your body then work on yourself. Go out and do activities that will help you lose weight if its an issue for you. You are only 13 and I am sure there are plenty of guys who would like you too :)