I want to be older?

I'm a 17 year old male, and a senior in high school. I'm sick of being so young, I want to be able to be an adult already. I want to be able to come and go when I want, be able to drink alcohol if I want, not be bitched at for doing things I like, be able to gamble, be able to buy things that requires you to be 18 and older, I want to be able to hook up with girls, and actually have a car with a job, etc. I had a job this summer but I can't do school plus a job, it's too much, so I'm waiting until I graduate in 2017 to get another job. I'm so sick of high school, my junior year I skipped half of so I had to go to summer school so I can still graduate with my class. I absolutely loved summer school, did well in it, and actually learned things. I'm ready for school to start up again so I have something to do during the day. I want to learn, I'm ready for college. I don't have anything friends anymore, by choice. All my old friends were so annoying so I just stopped talking to then. Recently I've only been talking to one kid from my school and I ignore him quite a lot too because he's so dumb and annoying. When we hang out, we barely talk, and all he ever wants to do is play xbox, we can't do anything physical pike basketball, weight lift, etc. which is so boring. I want friends that I can talk to, and have huge conversations with, play sports with, weight life, and so all that stuff which half my old friends wouldn't do, since all they want to do is play boring Xbox. Except, I can't make friends anymore because I'm too shy to talk to new people, and it sucks so bad since I want new friends. I just want to be like 21, in college, with money (since I'll probably be living at home). I'm always with my parents if I'm out so it's not like I can even talk to girls, which is another reason why I want to be older. Recently I've been feeling bad about myself since I have no friends, but it's by choice, so should I really feel bad? What do you guys think?


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  • All things take time, and this is just the (annoying and frustrating) path to the future. I feel like you too, sometimes. I just want to be a little older, have a place of my own, be financially stable, have my own life, happy. But unfortunately, what we're in right now is just the path to that. If you work hard now, you'll make that nice future for yourself happen sooner, too. You'll get there.


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  • "I want friends that I can talk to"
    "I'm too shy to talk to new people"
    "Recently I've been feeling bad about myself since I have no friends, but it's by choice, so should I really feel bad? What do you guys think?"

    This seems to be the real issue. If only your title would have reflected it. Now everybody thinks you're just wishing for the impossible (wanting to be older).

    Have you tried looking for friends on the Internet? By for example, joining a few Facebook groups filed with people who share the same interest? I find that starting a conversation online is easier, less intimidating.

    • Thank you! I swear most people just read the title and don't actually read the rest, and I know my title kinda sucked, just didn't know how to word it. You're right it's a lot easier talking to people online. I just don't know where to start, it's weird to just message strangers on facebook. It's just so hard.

    • Since people are shallow and rarely read more than the title, I would strongly advice you to repost this question with a title that reflects your longing for friendships.

      Such as: "What's the best way to make new friends as a shy person who has trouble approaching people?"

      It will immediately make it clear what you're actually looking for.

    • Please do this, as your current title is sadly misleading, even though this was not your intention at all.


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  • You can do all the things you want to do at 17. About getting illegal stuff, just befriend people who are older than you haha. Save up for a car, talk about deeper things with your friends. It all has nothing to do with your age.

    • I can't afford a car right now because I would have to pay 300+ for insurance, as well as gas. I can only work about 15 hours a week, and I highly doubt my mom would let me go anywhere I wanted with MY car. I could get illegal things, but it's just so annoying I can't go to the store and grab some alcohol, or go to the casino, I can't even cash a lottery ticket. My friends, however, are too stupid to talk about deep things. They literally play Xbox and barely talk. They're in their own little dumb worlds

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    • Haha I wish I was like you! I would make new friends but I'm so shy and haven't made friends since I was in like 6th grade since I stuck with my group. So it's hard to make friends.

    • I'm the same, I've been having the same convenience "friends" since I was a kid but you gotta separate "friends" and friends. But at the same time, don't take yourself too seriously. Stay chillin because time moves fast.

  • Lol relax, be grateful for everyday
    You'll get old.


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  • Quit wishing your life away.

  • Trust me on this one.

    You don't want to be an adult. It's pretty much everything you're experiencing now, but with mortgage and bills and responsibility.

    • Like I said, I want to be like 21 since I'll still be living at home. Hell I would even be fine with being a year older than I am now. I can't go anywhere since I don't have a car, all my friends want to do is play Xbox the whole day which is literally mind blowing how boring it is, I feel like my parents half the time just bitch:/ I just want to be at an age that I can enjoy. My life right now is get up, shower, get high, watch tv, eat dinner, get high, go to bed. I want to you know on a Saturday night be able to go out and maybe meet some new people. My Saturdays now includes sitting with my parents the whole day, which is everyday. I can't make friends since I don't go anywhere without my parents. High schools just a waste of time because you don't learn anything. Can't wait to graduate.

  • " I just want to be like 21, in college, with money"
    When I was in college, I too wanted money. I did many jobs on the side, even traded a bit.

  • Dude, when you get to 25+ you'll say the opposite.

    • I doubt when I'm 25+ I'll want to go back to being 17. At the moment I'm sitting in my moms car because my brothers back and my mom gets really mean when he's back. It's a small house so they're staying in my room. At the moment they're in NY bed room which is the living room. She's being mean like she is a lot, so I have no place to go. So I'm sitting in a hot car by myself doing nothing. I doubt I'll Wish I was back at these times.

    • Not really go back to these times, but to have that youth feeling back, feeling energized and getting excited for the future

    • Oh I understand where you're coming from. I just want to speed up just one year. To my 18th birthday, hate this 17 year old stuff.

  • Chillax bro 😂

    You have no idea how lucky you are to not be an adult smh